Ryder Cup

I’m watching the highlights from today’s Ryder Cup on BBC2 as I write this. Although I know almost nothing about golf, and although I’m not generally much into spectator sports, I must admit I secretly enjoy watching the Ryder Cup (just a shame I don’t have access to a channel showing it live). I think there are two reasons for it. First, it’s really different (but nice) to see the EU flag being used in a positive and non-political way, accompanied by shouts of “Europe! Europe!”. Second, it looks like much more fun than ordinary golf tournaments – the players actually looks like they’re out there having a good time with their friends.

Just a shame Thomas Bjørn wasn’t included in the team.


  1. I’m afraid The Independent on Sunday have gone mad! In their article about yesterday’s events, they write about the spectators: “they were quite content to revel in mud, glorious mud, as they witnessed the flow of blood – American blood.” 🙂

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