bookmark_borderResolution and colours

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I really love our new Sony Alpha 100. The resolution is impressive, and the colours are so magnificent. Finally I can take take better photos than I could with my old Minolta SLR. I’ve only just started playing with the white balance and all the other fancy stuff, but it can really do wonderful things. And it’s so fast too – I can take several photos per second, with almost no delay at all.

bookmark_borderAn interesting difference

When I moved to Scotland, one of the differences to Denmark I noticed was the lack of adoptive children from other continents. Lots of Danish parents have kids of Korean, African, Chinese or Indian origin, but I never saw any here. I discussed it in the car with Phyllis this morning, and it turns out that it used to be common, but that the practice was abandoned in the mid-70s because of concerns that white parents couldn’t raise kids of other cultures. Interestingly, it only seemed to get common in Denmark around the same time – there are almost no people my age or older with that background, but lots that are younger than me. So it seems Denmark took over where the UK left.