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Drama queen
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Charlotte really can be a drama queen sometimes. Today we were going for a walk along the river, and we stopped at a sunny spot where there were a couple of big thingies to sit on.

However, there weren’t enough for all of us, so she had to share hers with Marcel. She occupied two thirds of it, but she still accused him of pushing her, and she subsequently burst into tears.

bookmark_borderRyanair’s blind spot

I was looking at Ryanair’s destination map today, and it suddenly occurred to me that while they fly to lots of destinations all over Europe, and some areas are covered very densely, it seems they have a kind of black spot in an enormous area covering eastern France, southern Germany, Switzerland, some of Austria and the western part of the Czech Republic. Sure, they fly to Friedrichshafen and Karlsruhe, but only from very few airports.

Why is this? Are the airports too expensive in this area? Or are there too many competitors?