bookmark_borderKorma pizza

A curry pizza
Originally uploaded by viralbus.

A few days ago, we had three types of curry with rice and naan bread for dinner.

Most people would probably put the curry on top of the rice and put the naan on the side. But not Charlotte! She made herself a kind of pizza, taking care to use only meat and very little sauce to make it look neat and tidy.

She loved it and ate it all. I’m not sure why – she’s normally into eating each ingredient in turn, but I think the neatness of this appealed to her.

bookmark_borderFeed your kids to the puma

Mountain Lion Safety
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I think the people who designed this puma encounter guide failed to realise two important facts: (1) People tend to read pictures as a temporal sequence. (2) Not everybody can read English.

If I ignore the text, my interpretation of this sign would be as follows:

  1. Move backwards, holding out your hand to the puma (to make it follow you?).
  2. Then hold up your hands and scream in terror.
  3. Now get your kids and feed them to the puma.