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Standard Measure
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And so it came to pass that the EU decided to allow the UK to retain the pint and the mile.


Pupils in British schools have been learning metric exclusively for decades, so anybody younger than at least 40 have never learnt how to do calculation with imperial measures. That is, the situation is not at all comparable to the US where metric isn’t used anywhere.

I really think life would be much easier if the UK government would just bite the bullet and go fully metric so that kids could use the same system within and outwith school.

But will it happen now that the politicians can’t blame the EU for making them do the right thing?

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And this was lunch!!
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Many newspapers have been following up on this blog’s speculations about the end of Belgium (e.g., The Economist and The Independent).

The most interesting angle I’ve seen so far, however, was in The Brussels Journal that points out that Wallonia might itself fall apart if Belgium goes. There’s also a useful map.