bookmark_borderSuperheroes not allowed?

I’m really puzzled by this sign.

My spontaneous interpretation is don’t run up this wall, but given that only superheroes such as Spiderman can do that, I guess it must be outlawing them instead.

I guess in theory the photographer might also have rotated the picture 90 degrees before uploading it, but then it just gets even more bizarre – something like don’t dance wildly?

Has anybody here got an idea what it might mean?

bookmark_borderThe country without phones

Old Fashioned Phone
Originally uploaded by Rev Dan Catt

When I bought the flat in Rose Street (which is still for sale, in case anybody is interested), I was shocked to find out it didn’t have a phone connection. Now, you might expect something like that in a new flat, but my flat is about a century old, so apparently nobody ever in all those years thought a phone would be a convenient thing to have. I know the engineer had to drill a hole through the thick sandstone wall, so I don’t think there’s any way there can ever have been one before.

I obviously thought this was an exceptional case. So imagine the shock I got when I called BT today to get a phone line for our new house, and they told me there isn’t a connection, and I need to pay another £125 for an engineer to come round! I know the house is only between 30 and 40 years old, but I still think it sounds bizarre they never had a phone.

Who knows, perhaps BT will realize they’ve made an error an refund the money afterwards. In my dreams, I fear! 🙁

Will I personally have to pay for wiring up the entire country?