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Sir Menzies Cardboard
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All the newspapers (e.g., tomorrow’s Herald) are now publishing similar articles reporting that most of the LibDem party seem to be begging Sir Ming to step down.

I must admit I agree. I’m sure he has good intentions, but he’s just not effective.

Back in the leadership election to replace Charles Kennedy, I gave my first vote to Chris Huhne after listening to all three candidates in Edinburgh. I still remember that it worried me that Sir Ming seemed to get slightly confused at questions, a quality that I thought would prove disastrous in Parliament (as it did).

Since then, I’ve been worried by his apparent closeness to Gordon Brown, and especially by the party’s total lack of grasp of proportional representation politics in Scotland and Wales (which he might not be ultimately responsible for, but which I also find it unimaginable that he wasn’t involved in).

So it’s time for him to go. Who the best replacement is, I don’t know. It needs to be somebody who has the personality to do well in Westminster and on TV, and it has to be somebody who has the friendliness and ruthlessness to do well when there’s more than one way to form a majority. Chris Huhne did impress me, but other candidates might be even more promising.


Waiting, just waiting (118/365)
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In an article today I read the following:

The defence of the Liberal Democrat leader came as bookmaker Ladbrokes put him as the clear favourite at 1/7 to be the first party chief to leave his post. David Cameron was placed at 6/1 and Gordon Brown 8/1.

“Young Turk” Nick Clegg was the 4/5 favourite to replace Sir Menzies while a rush of money over the weekend trimmed the odds of another possible contender, Chris Huhne, from 7/2 out to 3/1.

I know (thanks to my beloved Phyllis) that “x/y” means “if you bet y, you get x+y back”, but why this arcane system?!?

Why don’t they just do something decimal, such as stating the above odds as 1.14, 7.00, 9.00, 1.80, 4.50 and 4.00 (each number being what you’d get back from betting 1)? Is it just for historical reasons, or does it really work better if you bet a lot?

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Poor quality paint
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Vi brugte weekenden på at male Marcels værelse i vores nye hus.

Vi tænkte, vi kunne spare et par pund ved at købe B&Q’s færdigblandede “Everywhere Satin Paint Classic Red“. Det skulle vi aldrig have gjort!

Da vi gav væggen første lag, fik en ekstra tur med rullen nogle gange malingen til at komme af i stedet for på. Da vi var færdige med første lag, var der frygtelige farveforskelle over det here – lys rød, mellemrød, mørk rød, you name it!

Jeg begyndte på dette tidspunkt at gå lidt i panik, så jeg gav nogle udvalgte områder to ekstra lag, og i dag malede jeg så det hele én gang til (så de forskellige områder har fået fra to til fire lag).

Resultatet er ikke godt; jeg vil mene, det med en del god vilje nu ser ud, som det med andre malinger ser ud efter første lag. Jeg håber blot, Marcel vil finde sig i det, da jeg ikke rigtigt orker at male væggene to gange til…

Belært af denne erfaring byttede vi den orange maling fra samme serie, som vi havde købt til Charlottes værelse, til en orange maling af bedste kvalitet, og hvilken forskel! Ann og Dougie kom forbi i dag for at hjælpe, og de klarede at male hendes værelse på en eftermiddag, så det nu ser en del bedre ud end Marcels.

Jeg køber aldrig billig maling igen!