bookmark_borderOne blog to rule them all

Isn’t it astonishing how I seem to run the world from this very blog?

It started innocently enough with a posting about Danish bridges which now seem to have become big politics in Denmark.

I then blogged a bit about Belgium falling apart, and again mainstream media followed up on it later. The same happened about some stuff I wrote about the euro, and so on.

But the last 24 hours really beats the lot: I blogged about the need for Sir Ming to resign at 11pm. I then had blog visitors from Houses of Parliament, London, London, City of, United Kingdom at 9.52, 9.53 and 12.24 today, and at 6.30pm he resigned.

I can just imagine what happened today in Westminster. At 9.52, one of his aides was reading my blog, immediately telling a colleague to check it out. They then went to Sir Ming, who read my blog a couple of hours later, and he then immediately sat down to write his resignation statement.

I guess I need to be more careful about what I write in the future! 😉