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Jovial Natal
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While I was waiting for the bus the other day, I spotted this Christmas tree in a shop window. It was full of cardboard baubles saying Merry Christmas in various languages.

However, one of them was odd, I thought: It said Jovial Natal, and that didn’t ring any bells. I checked it the next day, and Natal is definitely Portuguese, but the normal greeting in that language is Feliz Natal.

The word jovial does exist in Portuguese, however, so I wonder what’s happened here. Has somebody made their own translation, dictionary in hand? It doesn’t make sense, though, since jovial isn’t a conventional translation of merry. Or is it a rarely used alternative in Portuguese? A Google search doesn’t give many results, and they don’t look native to me. Or is it not Portuguese after all? It would have to be a very rare language, though, to not show up in Google searches.