Anna Bridget
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On 19 December 2007, at 4.24 a.m., Phyllis and I had a daughter: Anna Bridget Buchanan-Widmann. She is beautiful, weighs 3400 g and is 50 cm long.

Everything went well, but really fast: Phyllis woke me up at 1 a.m., we arrived at the Queen Mum’s at 2 a.m., at 2.45 I was asked to wait in the reception (or go home) because birth wasn’t imminent, at 3.45 they told me to return as birth was about to start, at 4.24 I could see the crown of the head, and less than a minute later she was outside and I could cut the cord.

I’ve uploaded some photos.

It’ll be interesting to find out what she’ll call me – far (Danish for “father”), daddy or Thomas (like her siblings).


  1. I dag er det Annas fødselsdag,
    hurra hurra hurra
    hun sikkert sig en gave får,
    som hun har ønsket sig i år
    med dejlig chokolade og kager til.

    Til lykke med hende.

    Hvis du omtaler dig selv som ‘far’ i lang nok tid, er der en chance/mulighed for, at hun vil gøre det samme. Så kan du jo se, om du kan få Phyl til at gøre det samme, og så omtale hende som ‘mor’ 😉

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