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Jeg ser, at det nu skal være obligatorisk at have husgerning i England. (Jeg er ikke sikker på, om det allerede er obligatorisk i Skotland.)

Det er i allerhøjeste grad tiltrængt – alt for mange briter er ude af stand til at lave almindelig mad fra bunden.

Jeg havde selv husgerning (hvilket i praksis var madlavning – rengøring etc. fyldte ikke meget) i to år (fra jeg var 12 til jeg var 14, vil jeg tro). Jeg véd ikke, om jeg lærte meget nyt, da jeg på det tidspunkt allerede havde lavet mad i lang tid, men alle i klassen var da i stand til at følge en opskrift til sidst. Jeg frygter lidt, at det ikke vil nytte meget, hvis de i England kun sætter det på skemaet i et term (= 1/3 år).

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Northern Rock
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There’s a very interesting and scary article in The Times today about how disastrous Brown and Darling’s handling of Northern Rock has been.

I particularly like how he puts in perspective how much money we’re talking about:

[W]hat else could the Treasury have done with £55 billion? Here are a few ideas: it could have rescued MG-Rover and turned it into the worlds strongest car manufacturer after Toyota. It could have acquired control of the Airbus programme and shifted its headquarters to Bristol from Toulouse. And even after these industrial subventions there would have been plenty of change from £55 billion to set up a permanent endowment fund to finance Britain’s universities, or build a new high-speed rail system covering much of Britain, or a new London airport in the Thames estuary to replace Heathrow or underwrite the entire economic risks of a new generation of nuclear power stations.

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A & W
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When I moved to Glasgow, a burger place that I used to pass almost every day was the A&W on Renfield Street.

I didn’t enter it for a long time, but the signs advertising root beer, floats and other American oddities were puzzling me.

When I finally tried it out, I was pleasantly surprised: They made lovely milkshakes (with real ice-cream), their burgers tasted of beef, and so on.

According to the photo, it used to be only an A&W, but the way I remember it, half of the place was taken up by a KFC (same owner).

However, now KFC seems to have taken over the whole thing, and as far as I can gather, there is now no A&W in Glasgow any more. 🙁