bookmark_borderBrune øjne?

Anna’s right eye
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Da Anna blev født, var hendes øjne nærmest skiferfarvede.

Med tiden blev de mere og mere klart grå, men i dag fik jeg pludseligt øje på en lille brun plet (omkring vestsydvest) i hendes venstre øje.

Er det et tegn på, at hun er ved at få brune øjne som sin mor? Eller blandede øjne som sin morfar og faster? Eller er det ikke et tegn på noget som helst?


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Some years ago, while I still lived in Denmark, I went to a TeX conference in the Netherlands. During the conference, we went on a day trip to Maastricht, and I got a chance to pop off to a specialist beer shop (together with Arne if my memory serves me well) where I bought different beers, especially some that I had never seen before.

When I got back home, I went on to taste them, and I still remember that there was one big positive surprise among them: A witbier called Korenwolf (“corn wolf”, i.e. “hamster”). It was similar to a Hoegaarden, but more aromatic – lots of herbs and elderflower.

Given that it was local beer from the south of the Netherlands, I didn’t expect ever to taste it again, unless I went to another trip to Maastricht.

So imagine my surprise when I found it in our local Tesco yesterday! It’s just as nice as I remember it, and Phyllis seems to like it too.

I hope they’ll still stock it when Anna gets old enough to drink it with me! 🙂