How to make business cards in LaTeX

My business card
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When we set up our company, we needed some business cards.

VistaPrint will make business cards from a PDF file made according to the following specifications: “Full Bleed Size: 90mm x 52mm; Document Trim Size: 87mm x 49mm”.

I prefer doing typography in LaTeX, so I just needed to set this up properly.

I had a few problems with the margins, but with some help from DK-TUG‘s mailing list, I came up with the following:


The “[fixed]” option is very important here, but it is only available in the newest versions of memoir, so you might need to upgrade this package if you have problems getting it to work.

After designing the actual business card, I ran it through pdflatex and uploaded the resulting file to VistaPrint, and it worked beautifully, as can be seen on the photo.


  1. Many thanks for this, it saved a lot of time. I’ve added lines (using epic) & graphics (using graphicx) to emulate a design that had originally been created in someone else’s copy of MS Publisher.

    One of the (many) advantages of this new design is the fact that with comments, it’s self-documenting. This is very useful as we need to make changes only very rarely and it was a pain to have to re-learn Publisher every time.

  2. I am using a very recent version of the Memoir class (24 July 2009, v1.6180339h), and the “fixed” option is not working:

    ! LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}.
    See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
    Type H for immediate help.

    l.24 \checkandfixthelayout[

    Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Thomas,

    thanks for sharing that example! I could compile it with TeX Live 2009 (pretest version). I just wondered about a warning, overfull \vbox (13.49998pt too high), but it’s not detracting.

    Best regards,


  4. On the edge? Do you mean on the actual edge, so that the cards have a colour when stacked? Or do you want the card to be framed?
    If it’s the former, it would depend on the printer, and Vistaprint can’t do it AFAIK.
    If the latter, Vistaprint aren’t guaranteeing enough precision to make this look good, so it wouldn’t be advisable.

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