bookmark_borderThe best MP is somebody who never set out to become one

I’ve always believed that in a democracy, people should as a rule choose people like themselves to represent them.

As a consequence, I don’t think being a politician should be a job for life.

People should set out to be something else, then get involved, become politicians for perhaps ten years, and then return to normal life.

Because of this, I urge you to read this article by Benedict Brogan in the Telegraph.

He claims that some of the reforms being proposed at the moment will make it even less attractive for outsiders to become MPs:

Mr Brown has fatally undermined that notion in recent weeks with two changes – one voted through last month, the other threatened – that will transform the House of Commons from a collection of individuals representing the varied interests of the nation, to a cosy home for professional politicians subsidised exclusively and generously by the taxpayer.

I don’t know whether it’s true that these reforms will have this consequence, and I definitely don’t think the status quo is ideal, either.

When I moved to Scotland, I was shocked by the way the media talked about the political class as if it was a separate part of society, rather than a part of us all, so change is sorely needed, but possibly in the opposite direction of what is being pushed through at the moment.

bookmark_borderGenetic engineering of fruits

bananas and pineapples
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Am I the only one who loves the taste of pineapples and mangos but finds them a pain?

Pineapples are far too complicated to get into, and mangos have this horrible big stone in the middle.

All fruit should either be very easy to peel, like bananas, or have edible skin, like apples, and they shouldn’t contain any stones or seeds.

Why are the genetic engineers wasting their time on making wheat resistant to herbicides and other boring projects, when they should be developing pinanas (pineapples with banana skin) and pangos (mangos built like a pear, without a stone and with edible skin)?

The technology surely is there, so bring it on!