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tennis soccer
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Watching a bit of Wimbledon, with some matches lasting forever and others finishing almost immediately, made me think about the difference between tennis and football.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to design a variant of tennis that was more like football, and vice versa? To be specific:

Football tennis: Basically tennis, but a match lasts 90 minutes. During those 90 minutes, as many games (the 15-30-40 things) as can be fitted in are played. If a game ends with no points to the opponent, the player gets a point. In this way, a match should end up with a score more like football (such as 5–2), and it would be possible to get one or two points just before the finish to change the expected result.

Tennis football: Basically football, but a match is divided into sets. To make it easier to score a goal, the goalkeepers are eliminated. To win a set, a team has to get at least six goals, and two more than the other team. The first team to win two sets wins the match. In this way, a match is never decided until the very last moment, but it might theoretically last forever if the teams are evenly matched.

Would these new games be more popular that the original ones, I wonder?

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Lancashire Lad peas
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This year I had time to order seeds from the Heritage Seed Library.

I got various tomatoes and other stuff for the greenhouse, and then some peas called Lancashire Lad.

I didn’t know much about them, but they’re growing really well, much better than the peas we bought in B&Q.

And today they got their first flowers, and they’re beautiful (click on the photo for a better view).

I’m already looking forward to tasting the peas!