bookmark_borderJust like the 1930s

There’s a wonderful graph illustrating an article in a Telegraph blog today.

It compares four different recessions from a UK perspective, and the current one is clearly much closer to the 1930s recession (and to a certain extent the 1980s one), and it’s much worse than the relatively mild 1990s one.

We’re the black line (click on the graph for a bigger version), so make your own conclusions!

bookmark_borderBlog this to draft

Blogging For Dummies
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I normally write blog postings by finding a nice Creative Commons-licensed photo on Flickr and using the Blog this button above it.

However, the consequence is that it appears on my blog immediately, without giving me the chance to proof-read it or anything.

It would be much better if the blog postings could end up in the Draft folder at first.

I was searching for a plugin to achieve this on the WordPress plugin site, but to no avail.

However, I finally found just what I needed here.

I just don’t understand why he hasn’t made it into a proper plugin package – it’s just so useful!