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Old stuff – garage sale
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I own far too many books, so as an experiment, I decided to try and sell a few on Amazon to see whether it’s worth my while.

I put six books up for sale – fiction and non-fiction, hardbacks and paperbacks – a couple of weeks ago, but although I agreed to sell them at very low prices, I didn’t sell the first one till three days ago.

It was a paperback, and the price was £1.69.

However, that’s only vaguely related to what Amazon are paying me:

Buyer’s Price: £1.69
Shipping: £2.75
Amazon Fees: £-1.64
Your Earnings: £2.80
Envelope: £-0.33
Postage: £-1.04
Grand Profit: £1.43

Note how Amazon’s fee is almost exactly the exactly the selling price, so my profit is basically the difference between the fixed shipping fee and the actual cost.

Given that it must have taken me at least ten minutes to list the book on Amazon, print out the receipt, wrap the book and go to the post office, there really are better ways to make money.

So how do I get rid of a thousand books more easily and/or profitably?