One monarchy is plenty, thanks!

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Today’s wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was not a big media event in the UK.

Because my mum is a royalist, I tried to find it amongst the hundreds of TV channels on our Sky box, but to no avail. (In the end she watched SVT – Sweden’s BBC – streamed live over the Internet.)

However, in most other European countries it was big news, in both kingdoms and republics.

The British media must clearly have decided that reporting on one monarchy is more than enough.

However, on The Telegraph‘s “Most Viewed” list, the Swedish wedding is number 1, 2 and 4.

That makes me wonder whether the media got it wrong here, and that the British public – just like elsewhere in Europe – would actually have loved a few hours of live broadcasting from Stockholm.

Anyway, as a republican I’m of course happy that it got ignored here. If only the media would also start ignoring the Windsors!


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