bookmark_borderBeing more positive about NemID

På besøg i Jyske Bank
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I know I’ve been a bit negative about NemID in the past, but I’m starting to change my mind.

Because I’m a customer with Jyske Bank, I received a letter with a NemID code card last week, and when I then logged on to Jyske Bank, it transferred me to NemID. The only hassle was that I needed to install an extra Java package to make it work with Ubuntu.

The brilliant thing is that I can now access almost anything in Denmark using my NemID code card – I can access my tax information, change my name, move house, etc. (Of course most of it is completely irrelevant these days, but it would have been useful eight years ago.)

The UK could really learn from this – there are so many things that you still cannot do yourself over the Internet, and having one single access key really makes a difference.