bookmark_borderBalgray Reservoir drained

Barrhead dams
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I forgot to blog this at the time, but when we drove past Balgray Reservoir last month, we noticed that it had been almost entirely drained (see the photo). (According to Google Maps, that’s what it’s called, although my beloved wife – who grew up here – seems to call it the Barrhead Dam instead.)

I haven’t found any information anywhere about why this has been done – are they perhaps trying to find more murder victims?

bookmark_borderScottish Well-Fired Rolls

Scottish Well-Fired Rolls
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Last week Charlotte made burgers and chips for dinner, and Phyllis chucked a bag from Waitrose onto the table. It contained six completely black rolls, as well as a sticker saying “reduced”.

I obviously thought the price had been reduced because somebody had forgotten them in the oven for two hours, so I commented to Phyllis that I found it strange that the shop hadn’t binned them instead of trying to sell them at a reduced price, given that nobody in their mind would go near badly burned food, which is likely to be carcinogenic.

She looked at me like I had just landed from Mars and pointed out the the bag was labelled “Scottish Well-Fired Rolls” and that Scots have eaten this type of rolls for ages.

I’m quite relieved I didn’t encounter them earlier! They’re surely an even more appalling Scottish delicacy than deep-friend Mars bars and deep-fried pizzas (which actually taste very nice).