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307/365 bunting
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This week-end’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London (and, I presume, most of England) have been somewhat strange to observe from Scotland.

Gauging from the photos I’ve seen and the comments I’ve read on Twitter, London has been drowning in excessive bunting, and companies have been trying to put the Union Jack on as many items as possible, even toilet paper (which in earlier times would surely have been seen as an act of lèse majesté).

However, Scotland has been remarkably free of bunting, street parties and British flags, apart from some events organised by the Orange Order in Glasgow (thanks, Labour).

It was probably not what the monarchists intended, but the feeling I’m left with is simply that England is a very different country from Scotland.

bookmark_borderDanish is still written here

A few years ago, I analysed the languages used in this blog, and I thought the time had come to do it again.

I expected the results would show that I’ve been using languages other than English less and less.

Here are the results (English [en] is the blue bit at the top; Danish [da] is the red bit underneath):

It was somewhat surprised when I saw the graph: Although Danish was used more for the first year or so, there haven’t been any major changes over the past couple of years (last month was 100% English, but that was clearly an exception).

I still have a niggling suspicion that I don’t use Danish as often as I used to, however. Possibly it’s to do with the length of blog postings – I have a feeling that I don’t write many long ones in Danish any more. I might try and investigate that another time.