bookmark_borderBuchwider Bräu δ₁ is a failure

I had hoped to be able to announce my 4th successful brew — an Irish red called Buchwider Bräu ??.

Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong:

Already when I was bottling it, I noticed the brew was strangely thick, like thin syrup. I’ve no idea what caused this, but I think it must have been a mashing error. At this point, the taste was OK, so I decided to proceed.

However, now it’s just horrible. It generates far too much foam (as is clear from the video), and the taste isn’t good at all. Interestingly, some bottles taste much worse than others, so I presume it must have something to do with wild yeast in my bottling equipment.

Anyway, I must not let failure hold me back, so I’ll brew something else soon. One day I’ll make another attempt at brewing an Irish red again, but for now I’ll return to the continental brews that I seem to be better at brewing.