Denseman on the Rattis

Formerly known as the Widmann Blog


I just downloaded Parrot 0.4.5 from I have a great urge to write an Amstrad Basic compiler for it – that would really make me feel young – the […]

Server move

Yesterday, my homepage and blog went down. This morning, I emailed Yanet to ask what was wrong. It turned out that there were so few people left on the machine […]

Impressed by AdSense

I’m impressed by Google AdSense – somehow it must have figured out I’m an émigré Dane, because the ads on my blog today include Hjemve, Danshoppen and Hyggekassen &ndash all […]

Park surfing

I’m writing this from the park in Rose Street, just a few buildings from my flat. I had hoped my wireless network would be available, but I cannot find it. […]


I’ve created an account on Flickr. It seems to work very smoothly, but am I the only one to find it slightly odd that my page is called 19414697@N00 instead […]