Wormsoapy cock poetry

I bought a passaverdura in Italy. In Italian, it reasonably enough tells me to “lavare bene prima dell’uso” – which in English has become “before first use, wash in wormsoapy water”.

That reminds me of a friend of my dad, Ötz, who wanted to buy a gasket for his tap. In German, a gasket is called a Dichtung, and Hahn means both tap and cock, so he reportedly asked for una poesia di gallo d’acqua!

Free umbrella

When I got home today, I saw that I had received a small package. I was a bit surprised, since I wasn’t expecting anything, but my surprise grew when I opened it and found that it contained a perfectly good umbrella. It seems some dog-loving charity thinks I’d like to give money to improve the lives of dogs in South Africa. They don’t know me very well, it seems. 🙂