Black with no sugar

Real men love coffee
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This photo that I found on Phyllis’s Flickr pages is just perfect. I know there’s probably very little coffee in the mug, if any, but wee Léon just looks so much like an addicted coffee drinker. I love the was he’s grasping the mug and watching the camera while drinking – it just signals that the most important thing in the world is getting his caffeine, and nobody is going to stop him.

Possibly I find the photo so good because I know how much he loves coffee. A few months ago, he visited me (with Phyllis, of course), and just as an experiment, I gave him half a teaspoon of Turkish coffee. He was ecstatic – he loved it so much! He demanded spoon after spoon till he had drunk most of my cup. So I know this guy loves coffee!


Jes & Trine, der begge boede på min gamle kollegiegang, 8 2., og som blev kærester, mens de besøgte mig herovre, har nu fået deres første barn. Han hedder Storm. De bor godt nok ikke på gangen længere, men det er da næsten et gangbarn. 🙂 Tillykke til dem!