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bookmark_borderExit polls

M29 Exit Poll
Originally uploaded by rodo.dentro

Det ser ud til, at Tronfølgeafstemningen ville have fejlet, hvis de danske medier ikke havde offentliggjort exit polls i løbet af dagen.

Jeg er helt enig med Socialdemokraternes Lene Hansen på dette punkt: Det burde forbydes!

Generelt vil folk skynde sig ud at stemme, hvis det ser ud til, at resultatet er snævert, men at deres foretrukne parti/udfald er ved at tabe. Tilsvarende vil de blive hjemme, hvis det ikke ser ud til, at deres stemme er nødvendig for at opnå det af dem ønskede resultat.

Det betyder, at der åbnes op for valgsvindel. Hvis jeg fx ønskede at hjælpe Det radikale Venstre, kunne jeg have offentliggjort en exit poll, der sagde, at partiet var 0.1% fra et mandat, og at det mandat ellers ville gå til Dansk Folkeparti.

Om omvendt, hvis jeg ville hjælpe DF.

Den enkleste måde at forhindre dette på er simpelthen at forbyde offentliggørelse af prognoser og exit polls på valgdagen.

bookmark_borderLa madonna che conduce la macchina

There’s a church in Bibbiena in which one of the madonnas has had her baby Jesus stolen. Unfortunately, the way she’s holding her hands makes it look as if she’s driving a car, not holding a baby, so I renamed her mentally to la madonna che conduce la macchina. 🙂

It just a shame I had forgotten my camera that day – this posting would have looked so much better with an illustration…

Interestingly, the next day we went to the museum in Arezzo to look at their Etruscan stuff, and they had a whole collection of tiny statuettes all looking exactly like the madonna. I wonder whether they were also holding kids originally, or did the Etruscans have cars in the 6th century BC? 😉

bookmark_borderWormsoapy cock poetry

I bought a passaverdura in Italy. In Italian, it reasonably enough tells me to “lavare bene prima dell’uso” – which in English has become “before first use, wash in wormsoapy water”.

That reminds me of a friend of my dad, Ötz, who wanted to buy a gasket for his tap. In German, a gasket is called a Dichtung, and Hahn means both tap and cock, so he reportedly asked for una poesia di gallo d’acqua!