Server move

Yesterday, my homepage and blog went down. This morning, I emailed Yanet to ask what was wrong. It turned out that there were so few people left on the machine I was on that it had been classified as unused and removed. 🙁

I was therefore recreated on a new machine and had my files reinstalled from back-up. The new server is very nice and gives me more opportunities to create subdomains, but it’s irritating to be forced to move on the only day of the year with 26 degrees in Glasgow. :-/

I’m using this opportunity to make my blog my primary homepage – I doubt anybody had much of an interest in my real homepage anyway.

At the moment, I’m waiting for the nameserver changes to spread around the internet – by now, I guess I’m the only one who cannot access my homepage, but I’m sure that’s because of a caching problem at my end.