bookmark_borderThird time lucky

Today is a great day: It’s 40 years since man first set foot on the Moon, and I finally passed my driving test!

It was my third attempt: The first time I overlooked an unmarked junction, and the second time I was being so careful not to do the same again that I failed for being excessively cautious.

But today everything went smoothly – I only picked up two driving faults, which is really good (you’re allowed up to 14 if I remember correctly).

Some of my Danish friends have commented that it must be hard learning to drive on the left, but it actually was surprisingly easy, but then I’ve lived here for more than seven years now. It probably would have been much harder if I had tried to pass it just after moving to Scotland.

Now I have to learn motorway driving (you’re not allowed near a motorway until you pass the test), and driving on the right next time we’re on the continent.