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Although I’ve got an account on Bebo, I feel like some kind of nearly extinct species there, since most users seem to be between 10 and 12 years old.

As an MP said today:

“My daughter is 12 and she has been on Bebo for at least 18 months and I think every single one of her friends is and spends hours on it. It is universal, way below 13.”

The odd thing is that Bebo officially requires all users to be at least 14, but as far as I can gauge, 14 is the age when youngsters feel too old for Bebo and move to other social networking sites.

Funnily enough, the kids these days clearly know a lot about the dangers of the Internet, so many of them write they’re married so that they don’t attract sexual predators, but it’s normally clear from their profile photos how old they really are.

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Lying on the grass
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Our beloved Sony ?100 started falling apart and we had to send it in to a repair shop.

At the same time, I noticed that a shop in Hong Kong called DigitalRev was selling cameras to the UK at a much lower price than shops based here, so I ordered a 350 to supplement the old camera.

It arrived Friday, and we’re now starting to get results.

Look at this photo that Phyllis took of Anna and me: Not only is it in 16:9, but it’s taken from a bug’s perspective, something which the tilting live preview screen makes it easy to do. Note also the resolution – it’s 4592 x 2576!

The only annoying thing about the 350 compared to the 100 is that the flash pops up automatically when the camera thinks it’s needed. I much preferred the 100’s flash that you had to pull up manually when you needed it.

bookmark_borderWorse than normal spam

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I normally get tons of spam. That’s annoying, but nothing you can’t live with with a decent filter.

Today, however, I’ve been inundated with delivery failure notifications.

It turns out one evil and twisted spammer has used my email address as the return address on a batch of spam:

Subject: *****SPAM***** Drug for erectile dysfunction
From: "Helping You" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:38:13 +0000
To: "Erectile pill" <>
Subject: 81% off for hqksenj
From: "vigara levitar" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:38:32 +0000
To: <>

Subject: No embarrassment
From: "Success" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:29:35 +0000
To: "Success" <>

There should be a mandatory prison sentence for that sort of thing!

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Early Riser
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I often wonder why early risers (A-mennesker “A humans”, as we call them in Danish) don’t understand that the rest of us (B-mennesker “B humans” in Danish) are wired differently, that we haven’t just got bad habits.

Have a look at what this weirdo suggests: Apparently we should get up several hours early so that we can do stretching in the shower, eat a huge breakfast, keep a diary, walk a dog and do yoga.

This is insane as general advice. Sure, some people wake up fresh and well rested at 5am and have hours to do all sorts of things before work starts, but getting up at 7am is not pleasant at all for people like me.

I think late risers are more tolerant. We don’t tell the early birds to skip their breakfast or to stay in bed as long as possible. But they’re obsessed with assimilating us. 🙁

bookmark_borderOur new Weber grill

Till now, we’ve restricted ourselves to disposable barbecues from Lidl, but they are a pain – too small and useless if there’s any wind at all.

So recently I decided to invest in a proper Weber grill and chimney starter.

Because of bad weather, we didn’t get a chance to try it out till now, but today Charlotte and I finally got it fired up.

There was a bit of wind, so our first attempt at using the chimney starter didn’t work out. We then moved it to a more sheltered part of the garden, and it then worked beautifully: Two crumbled newspaper pages and one match was all it took to start a beautiful fire.

The grill also worked really well, although the fairly large distance between coals and food meant it took a while to cook. I also think the manual’s specification of the number of briquettes needed was too low – I found it hard to use the whole cooking area.

But all in all it worked well, and its height made it possible for both Charlotte and me to cook on it.

bookmark_borderNew photo printer

The last printer we bought was a cheap one from Tesco that I couldn’t get to work under Linux and that broke down after a short while.

When we visited my parents in Denmark recently, we helped my mum set up the new printer the elders had bought for her.

It was an HP Photosmart D7160, and it impressed us: There were absolutely no lines on the printed photos, and the colours were great. It also had memory card readers and a small LCD screen for previewing.

So when we returned home, we ordered one for ourselves, and we got it a few days ago.

It really is a nice printer. A nice feature is that it can print photo on 10×15 paper without leaving any margin. And it worked out of the box with Linux.