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Gordon Brown and my old biology teacher

Manuscript by G. Brown
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My biology teacher in high school, Mads Ole, wrote everything on the blackboard in all-caps.

Since then, I’ve only rarely seen anybody boycotting the lower-case letters.

However, today there was an intriguing photo in The Herald showing Gordon Brown yawning his head off as he was about to give a speech at the UN (see also this). Intriguing not because of the yawn, but because it showed a page of his manuscript.

It’s all hand-written capitals!

Is the prime minister insane, a technophobe, or what?

I thought prime ministers had speech-writers, and given that he has bad eye-sight, computers can easily print out a speech in 24 points.

One thought on “Gordon Brown and my old biology teacher

  • I’d plump for insane, myself.


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