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Som jeg har skrevet før, bestod jeg køreprøven i sidste uge.

Phyllis’ forældre brugte det som en undskyldning for at skifte deres biler ud, og vi fik så lov til at købe Anns gamle bil.

Da Phyllis er ejer af vores Citroën C8, besluttede vi, at jeg skulle stå som ejer af den fire år gamle Nissan Micra S.

Vi er begge forsikret til begge biler, så reelt bliver Micraen nok bilen til småture og Citroënen bilen til længere weekendture.

Men det er altså min første bil, og jeg tror såmænd nok, jeg skal blive glad for den.

bookmark_borderJust like the 1930s

There’s a wonderful graph illustrating an article in a Telegraph blog today.

It compares four different recessions from a UK perspective, and the current one is clearly much closer to the 1930s recession (and to a certain extent the 1980s one), and it’s much worse than the relatively mild 1990s one.

We’re the black line (click on the graph for a bigger version), so make your own conclusions!

bookmark_borderBlog this to draft

Blogging For Dummies
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I normally write blog postings by finding a nice Creative Commons-licensed photo on Flickr and using the Blog this button above it.

However, the consequence is that it appears on my blog immediately, without giving me the chance to proof-read it or anything.

It would be much better if the blog postings could end up in the Draft folder at first.

I was searching for a plugin to achieve this on the WordPress plugin site, but to no avail.

However, I finally found just what I needed here.

I just don’t understand why he hasn’t made it into a proper plugin package – it’s just so useful!

bookmark_borderMarried, but not allowed to live together

When the current Danish government got into power in 2002, one of their first actions was to introduce the so-called 24-year rule, which means you can’t bring your lawfully wedded husband or wife to Denmark from outside the EU if you’re younger than 24.

Although theoretically introduced to reduce the number of forced marriages, it has had lots of negative consequences for young married couples that actually are in love.

It seems that the UK has now introduced something similar, only with a limit of 21 years instead, and as the article shows, this is already having disastrous consequences, in this case for a Welsh-Canadian couple.

However, the EU can help such couples to a certain extent:

But Adam and Rochelle do have one chance – they can move to any other European Union country and they will be allowed to live together as man and wife and get work.

The only place they cannot is Adam’s home – Britain.

“It’s insane”, he says. “We can go anywhere except my home country, where we got married, and where they gave us permission to get married.”

Danish couples are doing this, too, typically by moving across the Øresund to Sweden.

Will young British couples now start to emigrate to Ireland?

bookmark_borderGetting married at your child’s baptism

I just read in The Times that the Church of England is now introducing a wedding-cum-baptism ritual.

In Denmark that is entirely commonplace, and I mentioned my surprise to Phyllis that this should be anything new.

According to her, it is entirely new over here, and the Danish practice is very strange, because the Church is supposed to say that you should marry before you even conceive a child, let alone give birth to it and baptise it.

The headline of the article in The Times is quite amusing, btw. It could be read as if kids would now automatically get christened at the time of their parents’ wedding, in the same way as Anna became a Danish citizen when I married Phyllis.

bookmark_borderThird time lucky

Today is a great day: It’s 40 years since man first set foot on the Moon, and I finally passed my driving test!

It was my third attempt: The first time I overlooked an unmarked junction, and the second time I was being so careful not to do the same again that I failed for being excessively cautious.

But today everything went smoothly – I only picked up two driving faults, which is really good (you’re allowed up to 14 if I remember correctly).

Some of my Danish friends have commented that it must be hard learning to drive on the left, but it actually was surprisingly easy, but then I’ve lived here for more than seven years now. It probably would have been much harder if I had tried to pass it just after moving to Scotland.

Now I have to learn motorway driving (you’re not allowed near a motorway until you pass the test), and driving on the right next time we’re on the continent.