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How to pass your driving test

I ordered some instructional DVDs from the DSA some time ago, and one of them contained the brilliant film from 1935 about how to pass your driving test:

I already feel much more confident that I’ll pass!

One thought on “How to pass your driving test

  • If truth be told this is really nice video clip take at that time. Giving signal by hand and all sort of things driver have to do it in old time. But currently time and system has changed. Therefore as applicant, when you leave for driving test, just be calm and cool. Do not worry and just carry out your normal driving, like habitually you perform with your driving instructor. As new driver i have learnt heaps of tips online, which I would like to share link with you Have safe driving and god bless you. I am sure passing driving test is not too hard if you do not loos your self-belief.

    I wish this website will bring more and more information regarding driving test.


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