Min søster og hendes kæreste, Bjørn, og hans to børn, Felix og Theodor, er på besøg for tiden. De bruger en del tid med at se TV på min seng. Men vi har også været på restaurant (Bistro du Sud), og i morgen tager de til Arran.

bookmark_borderThe problem with Ikea

Bathroom shelf
Originally uploaded by viralbus.

I just put up a shelf in my bathroom. It looks nice, and it feels very stable and solid, but there was one tiny problem. One end of the shelf was wider than the other end, and it didn’t fit into the bracket. I solved it by shaving off a bit of the shelf (just 1mm did the trick), but you’re not supposed to do that! I don’t have an issue with Ikea outsourcing shelf production to Romania, but they need to be strict with their internal quality control – this is just plain sloppiness!

bookmark_borderThe price of DIY

Why is DIY so bloody expensive? Yesterday, I went to B&Q and Ikea, and I didn’t buy anything big or fancy – just covings, skirtings, saw blades, paint rollers, a chair, some shelves, some floor underlay and a box of tiles – and it cost me more than £200!

Fortunately, Phyllis gave me a lift, or I would have had to go several times to get it all home… Thanks!

bookmark_borderOne year

Exactly a year ago today, at 11am, my solicitor called me to tell me I was a flat owner. The timing was not ideal – I was going to Denmark the following day, and I had to get my stuff back from storage before then, so it was really stressful. And since then, all my time and money has been going into the flat – life as a flat owner is really very different from being a tenant!