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Jes & Trine, der begge boede på min gamle kollegiegang, 8 2., og som blev kærester, mens de besøgte mig herovre, har nu fået deres første barn. Han hedder Storm. De bor godt nok ikke på gangen længere, men det er da næsten et gangbarn. 🙂 Tillykke til dem!

7 thoughts on “Gangbarn

  • It’s not exactly a common name. The only person I can think of with this name is Storm P., the Danish cartoonist, but I’m not sure it was actually his first name.

  • Hmmm, interesting, according to the Danish name barometre, it was hardly ever used up to 2001, then in 2002 it started with 7 boys, then 10 boys the following year, and finally 26 boys in 2004.

  • I just thought it kinda apt when I read it then looked out the window and it was very ‘stormy’ – a good name for a June baby!

  • It’s quite a practical name in some ways – it’s pronounced more or less the same and means the same in English and Danish, and the cognate German word (Sturm) is quite close too. Less practical in some other languages, such as Spanish (Estorme) or Japanese (Sutorumu), though.

  • The cartoonist was named Robert Storm Petersen, and I guess, Storm is a surname, or maybe more rigth WAS.

  • Jes og Trine

    Storm was a common name in Denmark until the 16th century. Recently it has reappered, and has now been approved as a first name i Denmark. Last year about 35 children was given this name in Denmark.

    It fits him quite well, as he has some temper (if the food isnt’t there fast enough) 😉

    The proud father


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