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death penalty
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When is Britain (and Labour in particular) going to stand up for their principles rather than playing the poodle of the US? According to this article in the Independent, Britain has vetoed pressing the African Union to abolish the death penalty: “British diplomats said privately that they did not wish to create difficulties for the United States at a delicate time.”

This is just so appalling! Do Labour politicians have no principles that cannot be changed if Dubya wants it?

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LΓ©on being breastfed
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This photo is my most popular photo on Flickr. It has been viewed 637 times.

Sure, it’s a decent photo, but I personally don’t rate it amongst my best ten. So what’s happening? Is Flickr full of horny people, searching through all the photos in the hope of spotting half a naked boob? Surely there are easier and better ways to find free porn on-line.

Can anybody explain to me what is going on?

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Pray without ceasing…
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According to this article, a Danish professor of psychology (who’s about to retire) has found out that atheists on average have an IQ that is 5.8 points higher than that of believers.

I wonder whether Harry Turtledove realised this when he wrote Between the Rivers in which believers are depicted as extremely stupid compared to the free-thinkers. πŸ™‚

Anyway, if the article is correct, I wonder whether it’s believing that makes people less intelligent, or whether less intelligent people are more likely to believe in a god than more intelligent ones.