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My best photo?!?

Léon being breastfed
Originally uploaded by viralbus.

This photo is my most popular photo on Flickr. It has been viewed 637 times.

Sure, it’s a decent photo, but I personally don’t rate it amongst my best ten. So what’s happening? Is Flickr full of horny people, searching through all the photos in the hope of spotting half a naked boob? Surely there are easier and better ways to find free porn on-line.

Can anybody explain to me what is going on?

2 thoughts on “My best photo?!?

  • Well you have a point – my most popular photo is this one, with an impressive 5462 views! I guess my boobs are taking on iconic status on flickr!

  • You should make a whole book about your boobs and publish it on Lulu. 😉


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