The new EU fishing quotas made me wonder whether this problem is handled in entirely the wrong way. We’re restricting the days the fishermen can spend at sea and we’re telling them to throw away big parts of their catch.

But wouldn’t it be an alternative to restrict the technology instead, ordering them to use small, slow boats with small nets and no fancy technology to spot the fish, basically taking them back to the days when overfishing wasn’t a problem?

bookmark_borderA death that makes me happy

Today it was announced that Türkmenba?y, Saparmyrat Ataýewiç Nyýazow, the dictator of Turkmenistan, had died. Although I don’t normally rejoice in the death of other people, I sincerely think this is a man that Turkmenistan and the world will do better without. Some of his more unusual actions according to Wikipedia included:

  • ordering that physicians swear an oath to him instead of the Hippocratic Oath
  • decreeing that teachers who wished to avoid being put on the lowest grade of pay or even sacked, would have to write a newspaper article praising Türkmenba?y and have it published in one of the two newspapers of the country
  • changing the Turkmen word for bread to that of his late mother
  • ordering the closure of all hospitals outside A?gabat, saying that if people were ill, they could come to the capital

bookmark_borderBroken joke

I’m just back from the Chrismas lunch in the canteen. In my cracker I found half a joke – the other half had mysteriously vanished. Here’s what I read:

…at’s yellow and stays
…in the fridge?

What’s the joke? My first idea was the following:

What’s yellow and stays
fresh in the fridge?

But somehow it doesn’t seem very funny. 🙁

People suggested various kinds of custard to make it funny, but it didn’t really work. An alternative would be this:

What’s yellow and stays
within the fridge?
A bastard.

That doesn’t make you laugh either, does it?

Or what about an avian alternative:

What’s yellow and stays
calm in the fridge?
A bustard.

I think this is more absurd than funny… 🙁

I can see you’re all getting very frustrated by now, but relax! A Google search finally gave me the answer:

What’s yellow and stays
hot in the fridge?

bookmark_borderThe Danish police

Google has a function that allows you to find web pages similar to a given one. For instance, here is their list of pages similar to this blog.

Many of the links there are very relevant: Some are the pages of friends (Palle, Hotdog, MW, Mailund, Sebastian), and some are pages of organisations or resources I’m either involved with or have an interest in (DK-TUG, DSN, FIDUSO, ODS), but some of them are just plain weird – Bones Family Restaurants (I’ve never ever eaten there), houses in Næstved (I’ve never even been to that town in southern Zealand), and the Danish police. Similar in what way?!?