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Broken joke

I’m just back from the Chrismas lunch in the canteen. In my cracker I found half a joke – the other half had mysteriously vanished. Here’s what I read:

…at’s yellow and stays
…in the fridge?

What’s the joke? My first idea was the following:

What’s yellow and stays
fresh in the fridge?

But somehow it doesn’t seem very funny. 🙁

People suggested various kinds of custard to make it funny, but it didn’t really work. An alternative would be this:

What’s yellow and stays
within the fridge?
A bastard.

That doesn’t make you laugh either, does it?

Or what about an avian alternative:

What’s yellow and stays
calm in the fridge?
A bustard.

I think this is more absurd than funny… 🙁

I can see you’re all getting very frustrated by now, but relax! A Google search finally gave me the answer:

What’s yellow and stays
hot in the fridge?

3 thoughts on “Broken joke

  • Øv bøv – nu må du jo tage mit ord for det; men det sidste ord, havde jeg altså gættet med det samme 😉 ‘mustard’ virkede så oplagt

  • No, Thomas that’s not it .,,.
    It was something along the lines of …
    What’s yellow and stays
    cool in the fridge?
    An elephant covered in custard.

  • great dude Broken joke : The Widmann Blog I just love it.
    I seen some great stuff here also


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