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The problem with Ikea

Bathroom shelf
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I just put up a shelf in my bathroom. It looks nice, and it feels very stable and solid, but there was one tiny problem. One end of the shelf was wider than the other end, and it didn’t fit into the bracket. I solved it by shaving off a bit of the shelf (just 1mm did the trick), but you’re not supposed to do that! I don’t have an issue with Ikea outsourcing shelf production to Romania, but they need to be strict with their internal quality control – this is just plain sloppiness!

6 thoughts on “The problem with Ikea

  • I know they used to forget some of the screws and made a strange information on how to make the things, but wrong size I haven’t seen before.

    Oh I commented on an English blog post before Phyl!,-)

  • Are you having a competition? 😉 And I’ve experienced it before, but the last time it was so far off that it couldn’t be fixed. 🙁

  • But it isn’t just cheap stuff – you know Derek, Thomas – he always buys ridiculously expensive stuff. He bought a hand-carved oak wardrobe from some designer place in Great Western Road last year and the doors were so far off they didn’t meet in the middle! So my motto is – if it’s gonna be a disaster anyway, you’re better paying £100 than £100, no? 😉

  • Missing zero in the last figure, I think. 🙂

  • Sadly the QA does seem to be slipping a tiny bit, but generally Ikea are pretty good.

    They are definately good about refunding, I know that first hand 🙂


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