bookmark_borderDen vigtigste grundlovsændring

Politiken har en diskussion kørende om, hvad det er vigtigst at få ændret i Grundloven.

Jeg vil dog hævde, de har glemt den vigtigste ændring, nemlig at gøre det lettere at ændre Grundloven.

Sagen er jo den, at Grundloven er så forældet, som den er, fordi stort set alle har opgivet at ændre den, så man begynder blot at omfortolke lovteksten.

Når der fx står, at “Kongen handler på rigets vegne i mellemfolkelige anliggender”, begyndte man jo på et tidspunkt at tolke “kongen” som “statsministeren/regeringen” i denne sammenhæng, men hvis Grundloven havde været mulig at ændre, kunne man jo blot have ændret teksten, da den reelle ændring fandt sted.

Jeg synes bestemt ikke, det skal være alt for let at ændre Grundloven – den skulle jo nødig miste sin særlige karakter.

Det bedste ville sikkert være at ændre reglen om folkeafstemning til kun at kræve almindeligt flertal, uden noget krav om, at 40% af befolkningen skal stemme for.

Alternativt kunne man jo også helt droppe folkeafstemningerne, og lade to på hinanden følgende folketing vedtage den nye grundlov med 2/3 (eller 3/4) flertal.

bookmark_borderWhen Harry and Sally made a porno

Phyllis and I have watched two movies in the past week (you can tell the telly-watcher-in-residence, a.k.a. Marcel, is away :-)!).

The first one was When Harry Met Sally, which is probably by now a classic. It’s basically about a man and a woman who are best friends and then fall in love and about how hard the transition from friends to lovers is.

Last night we then watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno, which I had been expecting to be something along the lines of Torremolinos 73, i.e., a comedy about a couple making a porn movie to get our of a financial black hole.

However, it turned out to be much more similar to When Harry Met Sally: Again, the real story is about how a man and a woman cope with the transition from best friends to lovers.

I guess Phyllis and I find such movies more interesting than many, simply because that’s a transition we’ve made ourselves.

By the way, all three movies are good fun, and I’d recommend them all.


"Divorce parties"?
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Phyllis has been ranting about divorces again. 🙂

In connexion with this blog posting, we were discussing alternatives over lunch the other day, and I suggested that perhaps marriage (and divorce) should simply not be recognised by the state.

What I mean is that people would of course be free to marry if they chose to, but it would not lead to any change in legal status, in the same way as the state doesn’t care whether you’ve got confirmed in church or not.

I see that Bagehot has now got the same idea.

However, I don’t think he goes far enough.

He seems to suggest that you should still register your union with the state, but many people will never get round to doing so.

Instead, I suggest that legislation should solely refer to parents of children, and to people cohabiting for a specific length of time.

For instance, the state could treat you as married if you had either had a child together or lived together for three years, and it could treat you as divorced if you had either “married” somebody else through the above-mentioned actions or lived apart for two years.

Much easier than the current mess!


Things are not going as planned for the Tories in the European Parliament.

I had considered blogging it earlier, but at first they seemed to manage to control the more extreme parts of their coalition fairly well.

However, the fact that they have members running against themselves and as a result end up being led by a member of PiS shows the danger of their chosen strategy.

Do read the article!

bookmark_borderA slow-moving pandemic?

The Scotsman claims today that the government is planning to vaccinate the entire UK population against swine flu.

That might turn out to be a wise decision, but I’m a bit concerned about the timescale:

The last people won’t get their flu jab till November 2010.

I’m not sure it can be done any sooner, but if it turns out to be a fast-moving pandemic, I presume half the population might be dead before the government gets a chance to save them.


Cynicus Economicus has a very interesting blog posting.

He basically is questioning whether GDP makes any sense when borrowing is high, and especially whether borrowing ever should be measured as a percentage of GDP.

One brief quote, but do read the whole thing:

GDP is just such an idea. It seems to be a perfectly rational and clever idea, that an economy’s output might be measured through the activity in the economy. However, if an economy is being financed in part by debt, the meaningfulness of the measure completely disappears