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Early risers

Early Riser
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I often wonder why early risers (A-mennesker “A humans”, as we call them in Danish) don’t understand that the rest of us (B-mennesker “B humans” in Danish) are wired differently, that we haven’t just got bad habits.

Have a look at what this weirdo suggests: Apparently we should get up several hours early so that we can do stretching in the shower, eat a huge breakfast, keep a diary, walk a dog and do yoga.

This is insane as general advice. Sure, some people wake up fresh and well rested at 5am and have hours to do all sorts of things before work starts, but getting up at 7am is not pleasant at all for people like me.

I think late risers are more tolerant. We don’t tell the early birds to skip their breakfast or to stay in bed as long as possible. But they’re obsessed with assimilating us. 🙁

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