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The new Mac Mini
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My first real computer was an Amstrad CPC464.

However, when I started Uni in 1990, I realised I needed a proper computer for writing essays and the like, and I went for the most popular choice in the Faculty of Arts and bought a Mac SE 2/40 (later upgraded to 4/40, i.e., 4MB of RAM and a 40MB hard disk).

This computer was really, really expensive, but the nice man in the Apple shop promised me I’d get free software updates for life, because that was how Apple did things.

A couple of months later, Apple released the Classic at a much lower price and started charging for software upgrades.

I swore then that I’d never buy a Mac again.

A couple of years later, I started studying computer science, and I fell in love with Unix.

Not much later, Linux 1.0 was released, and I bought a PC without Windows and installed Linux on it, and I never looked back.

Until now.

Running a business has convinced me that I need to have access to Linux, Windows and Mac, and although Linux and Windows can coexist happily on one machine, that’s not an option for Mac OS X.

So Complexli has now bought a Mac mini – I hope that by letting the company buy it, I haven’t fully broken my old oath. 🙂