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Ice-cream makers

Years ago, I had one of those ice-cream makers where you had to freeze part of the bowl, and it would then stir it. Unfortunately, my freezer cannot have been cold enough, because I normally ended up with something the consistency of slush ice. 🙁

So for a long time, I thought the only good alternative was to buy one of the expensive machines that includes a freezer (upwards of £200).

However, I just realised that in the US, you can still buy the old-fashioned models that freeze the ice-cream by immersing it in a mixture of salt and ice. My dad has described how they used these for picnics in his youth.

If you’re really nostalgic, you can get them with a handle, or you can pay a bit more and get them with an electric motor.

Unfortunately, they don’t publish shipping costs for Europe, and I haven’t found a distributor here, so I don’t know how much it’d cost me to get hold of one.

Update: I just got an email from the shop in the US. They’re unwilling to sell the electrical model, and the shipping for the manual model (which costs $139.99) is $69.14, so it would end up costing £106 (DKK1000). Perhaps too much for something the kids would no doubt regard as a torture instrument…

2 thoughts on “Ice-cream makers

  • Hmm. Sådan set er der jo bare tale om en spand med en spand inden i – og i din fars barndom var de hverken elektriske eller med håndsving, så… du må have fat i to af spande eller beholdere og så selv fabrikere din ismaskine. Den inderste spand skal jo sådan set være relativt tynd i godset; mens den yderste helst skal holde kulden inde ved den anden.

    Jeg tror dog, at dit største problem bliver at få fat i isen, altså den til at køle med 😉 Og saltet, for det er da ikke helt almindeligt køkkensalt, der skal bruges, er det?

  • Jo, jo, min far brugte da håndsving! Kan jeg ikke bare bruge isterninger og køkkensalt?


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