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ქართული ღვინო

Ever since I studied Georgian in Georgia (1996-97), I’ve been missing the wonderful Georgian wine. It’s ubiquitous in Georgia, and it’s extremely widespread in Russia too, but in western Europe, one hardly ever sees it. There are a few online shops that sell it, such as Fareham Wine Cellar in the UK and Gourmatis in Germany, but it’s hardly a huge selection that is available there, and it is annoying not being able to buy wine locally. I wish I could do something do bring Georgian wines to the shelves of Tesco and Asda!

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the headline: It just says kartuli ?vino “Georgian wine”.

4 thoughts on “ქართული ღვინო

  • Sebastian complained to me on MSN that his browser displays the Georgian characters as question marks. 🙁 I guess many computers don’t come with a Mkhedruli font preinstalled…

  • it is very pretty to look at

  • Yes, even graffiti looks nice in Georgian! 😉


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