bookmark_borderRyder Cup

I’m watching the highlights from today’s Ryder Cup on BBC2 as I write this. Although I know almost nothing about golf, and although I’m not generally much into spectator sports, I must admit I secretly enjoy watching the Ryder Cup (just a shame I don’t have access to a channel showing it live). I think there are two reasons for it. First, it’s really different (but nice) to see the EU flag being used in a positive and non-political way, accompanied by shouts of “Europe! Europe!”. Second, it looks like much more fun than ordinary golf tournaments – the players actually looks like they’re out there having a good time with their friends.

Just a shame Thomas Bjørn wasn’t included in the team.


I just took a Jung/Myers-Briggs test, and the result was INTP (or more precisely, slightly expressed introvert [11%], very expressed intuitive personality [88%], moderately expressed thinking personality [38%], slightly expressed perceiving personality [22%]). I’ve taken similar tests several times over the past decade or so, and the result has always been xNTx, but the first and last letter have varied (that is, I’ve also had ENTP, INTJ and possibly ENTJ), so it makes good sense that those two are only ‘slightly expressed’ here.

bookmark_borderIrish interpreters

There’s an article in The Times this morning about the difficulties of finding Irish interpreters for the European Parliament. As it says in the article:

Despite the Irish campaign for language recognition, there is not a single specialised conference-level interpreter’s course in the Republic. […] The problem is that, in most EU countries, most people speak their own language. Irish is one of the official languages of the Irish Republic but maybe only 1 or 2 per cent of the population truly speak it on an everyday basis.