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The Ten Cheeseburger Challenge
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Phyllis has just set me a challenge: I’m to blog something interesting in ten different languages, not including English, Danish and German, over the next ten days, as a punishment for pointing out that her knowledge of basic kanji is somewhat limited.

It’s obviously fairly easy to blog in Spanish, Esperanto, Nynorsk and so on, but if I am to reach ten, I guess I have to use most of Georgian, Japanese, Basque, Russian, Czech, Latin, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, Gaelic or some of the weirder languages I’m supposed to have some knowledge of.

bookmark_borderA lucky pig?

a lucky pig
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I was born in the year of the Metal Pig, and we’ve just entered the year of the pig again.
To quote from the article: “Astrologers say that people born during the Year of the Pig are lucky, as a pig is a symbol of plenty, as well as of fertility, and many get married during the Year of the Pig to guarantee healthy, wealthy offspring.”

Although I don’t believe in Chinese astrology any more than I believe in the European equivalent, it’s a rather nice, cosy feeling to believe I have a lucky, fertile year ahead of me! 🙂