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Book of Folded Pages
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On my way home from work today, I got an idea for how to use memes to write a lot of short stories (or perhaps even War and Peace-sized novels).

So here goes: I write the ending, and I then nominate five people to write the immediately preceding paragraph (or two, if they’re keen). They should blog their contribution and finish it with a link to this posting so that readers can read the whole thing in sequential (rather than historical) order. Finally, they should then nominate five people of their own to write text preceding theirs.

Here’s the ending:

Lucinda poured herself a glass of red wine and went outside. She opened the letter and read it one last time. She then lit a match and set it on fire. When the letter had been reduced to ashes, she went inside. She had made the right decision.

I nominate Phyllis, Dougie, Sebastian, Niels and Trine (skriv bare på dansk).