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17/365: Trivial Pursuit
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If you’re wanting to spend some enjoyable hours with a group of compatriots, Trivial Pursuit can be a good option.

However, if you are not from the same culture, many questions – especially in the pink and orange categories – can become almost impossible to answer for some of the players.

It would therefore be nice to have a box of international questions (either truly global, or perhaps European) to enable people with multinational families and friends to play the game.

I was searching a bit, and there seems to be a so-called “Globetrotter edition“, in which the six categories are replaced with six regions: North America,
Latin America, Oceania, Africa, Europe and Asia.

That sounds like it would be playable by people from different backgrounds, but it changes the nature of the game a lot, and I’d still rather have an international version of “proper” Trivial Pursuit.