bookmark_borderIt’s all the UK’s fault

The Salt is Coming
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Danish media are reporting that stocks of road salt are running low:

“Britain is the big culprit. They use too much [salt]”, says Per Nygaard.

He justifies this with the country’s road network, where A roads are narrow and bad. This means that in his view, all it takes is just a little bit of snow on the roadside before they begin to use road salt.

“They pour salt on by the bucketload. Their demand is enormously high,” explains the manager of Brøste [a salt distributor].

bookmark_borderFun with maps

This morning, I stumbled upon a map generator written by NASA called G.Projector.

It’s really good fun to play with: It’s reasonably fast (especially considering that it’s written in Java), it knows dozens of different map projections, and there are lots of parameters to adjust.

As an example, I created an Azimuthal Equidistant projection (in which directions from the centre of the map are true) of the Earth centred on New Zealand, which means that Europe is torn apart and stretched around the edge of the map. That’s probably as un-Eurocentric as you can get. 🙂