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A disappointing griddle

Phyllis gave me a griddle for my birthday, and it was beautiful.

Unfortunately, it needed to be seasoned in an oven before the first use, and given that we don’t have an oven here, it got delayed for a while.

Yesterday we were invited for lunch at Derek and Amanda’s place, and we brought it. Unfortunately, the seasoning covered their kitchen in smoke – I hope it’s not the last time they invite us round! 🙁

Today I then finally got round to trying it out. I decided to make American pancakes for breakfast – finally I’d be able to make enough for all of us quickly, I thought.

But no, it was a pain: It got too hot over the burners, and not hot enough elsewhere. I guess it’s not thick enough to distribute the heat evenly. How annoying!

One thought on “A disappointing griddle

  • Christ,who said ROMANCE was dead ? a birthday Griddle ,,, Mmmmm
    Oh dear 🙂


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